Welcome to Crypto GTA

Farm CGTA, while you play in our server!

The only RP server that you can earn crypto while you play, join with your friend make your gang and earn together!

Donations with CGTA will be reward with the rate of 1:1 in game.
For example you donate 10,000,000 CGTA you will get 10,000,000 in game
(you can buy house, cars, food anything you want)
You will also be able to withdraw the funds from the game to CGTA.

We are on BETA mode, so there is Bugs on the server, contacting the Team with it and not exploit them can get your rewards!

Why Donate? -Become a Billionaire -Buy your dream car -Buy your dream house -Be with the girl you want -Flex with others Why play in our server? -Convert your GTA money into CGTA -Be who you want to be -Get to know new people and voice chat with them! -Have a great time with your friends!

Tokenomics of CGTA

*Total Supply:1,000,000,000,000
-5% Team
-15% Reward players, Giveaways, Marketing and Upgrades

-40% Presale
% Liquidity ( locked for 2 years at DXsale)



What do you need to start farming CGTA?

1- Install GTA V ( original )
2- Install Steam ( free to use)
3- Install FiveM ( free to use)
4- Join our discord: https://discord.gg/KkXTPNd6A4
5- Connect to our server
( open FiveM, Click F8 and put
Connect )

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